04 October 2018
The image of the 36th Torino Film Festival (November 23 | December 1, 2018) is dedicated to one of the great film stars of the 20th century: Rita Hayworth, whose birth centenary falls on October 17th. The image is from “You Were Never Lovelier,” the second film she starred in with Fred Astaire, directed in 1942 by William A. Seiter.

“Rita is more than Gilda; she is the dynamic and light-footed ballerina who danced with Fred Astaire and with Gene Kelly, more than the sinuous and dangerous vamp, a symbol of the dark lady in the collective imaginary,” says Emanuela Martini, artistic director of the Torino Film Festival. “She was the girl who knew how to be a comedienne, more than the sex symbol whose photograph was pasted on the bomb detonated on Bikini Atoll. Without neglecting Gilda, it is primarily this Rita to whom the Torino Film Festival pays tribute on the centenary of her birth.”